Domestic Cleaning 101: What You’re Doing Right and Wrong

You’ve got the cleaning supplies, but are you using them properly? Read here to find out.

When it comes to cleaning, not everyone is on the same page. While some may find peace in repetitive house chores, other’s dread just the thought of picking up a duster.


However, you’d be surprised that even the cleanest person will make basic mistakes when cleaning around the house. Take a look at the dos and donts of domestic cleaning.


What You’re Doing Right


  • Dividing up chores for each day of the week: You can’t clean your entire house in one day (unless you’re a professional!), so avoid trying to make your house sparkle in one go. Instead, divide up tasks for each day of the week. Let’s say on Monday you schedule to clean your kitchen and all the bathrooms in the house, on Tuesday your bedrooms, Wednesday your basement, and so on. This way, you can dedicate all of your energy and focus on doing one task. It might get repetitive but it’s better than exerting yourself.


  • Clean top to bottom, right to left: Don’t start cleaning a room by sweeping the floor and then moving to the blinds. Start from the top of the room, with the highest piece of furniture such as a ceiling fan or dresser, and then move to the bottom of the room such as your night or coffee table. By doing so, you’ll be eliminating redundant work, and you will only need to sweep or vacuum your floors once.


  • Using a caddy to carry cleaning supplies: Save time and energy by carrying all of your cleaning supplies with you in a caddy. Having everything at arm’s length will not waste time walking back and forth to the cabinet under the sink. We recommend purchasing an inexpensive caddy where you can store essential cleaning supplies such as cleaning solutions, dusters, cleaning cloths and more.


  • Vacuuming/Sweeping in rows: Our big secret to effective vacuuming/sweeping is to do the entire length of the room in a straight row. By doing rows, you’ll be able to clean your floors more quickly and will avoid missing spots! Start in one end of the room, then move over and start again at the front of the room.



What You’re Doing Wrong


  • Not cleaning as you go: The biggest cleaning mistake anyone can make is not tidying up after doing something. Eating dinner in front of the TV tonight? Make sure you clean up right after to avoid a huge mess the next morning. Cleaning out your pantry? Make sure you get rid of all the empty cereal boxes or expired dry food items right away instead of storing them the corner of your kitchen.


  • Leaving the windows open: Another mistake is to keep your window or backdoor open when cleaning around the house. While it’s good to let fresh air in and ventilate your home, make sure you do it before you start cleaning. When completing chores around the house, shut all the doors and windows so that you’re not letting any dust in. No point in sweeping your floors when you’re letting dust come in through the windows.


  • You’re not using the right tools/solutions: If you’re using all-purpose cleaning to wipe your kitchen counter-tops, don’t use it to clean your toilet! A lot of times, people make the mistake of using the wrong tools and cleaning solutions for the wrong places. Invest in some good cleaning solutions and cleaning tools and make sure you are using them properly.


  • Not using a squeegee on windows/mirrors: Tired of streaks on your windows and mirrors? No matter how many times you spray solution and wipe in circular motions? Instead of using paper towels and microfiber cloth, try using a squeegee to get a streak-free window/mirror.


Cleaning your house with little effort and stress requires a system. Make sure that you have a cleaning plan in place so you reduce anxiety and stress when cleaning your house. Start with prioritising what needs to be cleaned, and make sure you remember the do’s and don’ts of cleaning!



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Image via go_greener_oz / Flickr