Steps to Clean Oven

Easy Steps to a Clean Oven…

Mar 14
Is your oven so dirty that you pretend not to notice? Act now and follow our guide to your clean oven! Transforming a dirty oven to sparkling clean isn’t a simple task; however, there are a number of steps which can get the job done easier.   Here’s our Guide: Before you start, it’s important to check the oven is off and cold. Also, it’s recommended to cover your gas jets and protect any visible

Stubborn Red Wine Stains

Mar 07
We’ve all been there – you’re enjoying a nice dinner and a few glasses of wine with friends when your hand slides, the glass or bottle descents, and suddenly there’s a spreading crimson stain on your fresh white top. But, while red wine stains can look unpleasant, they don’t need to stay on your clothes for long – below are some ingenious steps to help get rid of them. So, without further ado, here are

How often should you wash…

Feb 21
It is one of those areas that it is often best not to inquire too closely. So, of course, someone has. Just how often should you wash towels? And if no one can see them does it really matter?Or, now that it is winter, the bed sheets? Well, you may be surprised to learn that we should change them far more often than we actually do. Because even if they appear clean they can contain
A person ironing clothes on a board

Top Ironing Tips for YOU So Your Mum Can Relax on Mother’s Day

Mar 06
Treat your mum to something special this Mother’s Day by giving her a personal ironing service. Our mothers work so hard all year round, so Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show just how much you care and appreciate her dedication and love. While gifts such as flowers and chocolates are always appreciated, alleviating her of some duties which she does frequently is also a winner. Have you considered being a personal ironing service