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5 Post-Christmas Cleaning Tips from a Housekeeping Agency in London

Jan 16
How do cleaning agencies work their magic after the manic holiday season? Here’s everything you need to know to execute a thorough post-Christmas clean. Christmas and New Year are exciting and busy times. The festive feeling can quickly fade away when you’re left with the ugly aftermath: a house to clean up once all of the celebrations are over. Getting your home back into shape before you back to work and into a daily routine
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Cleaning Agencies: 4 Things You Didn’t Know

Sep 12
With so many cleaning agencies operating in London, what should you look out for when hiring one? Read on to find out...   Today, hiring cleaning agencies for domestic cleaning has become more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Mainly due to the rise of dual-income families, the demand for professional cleaning services in London has increased substantially.   Because of the changing family dynamics and consumer spending trends, domestic cleaning has become an
Woman annoyed throws her ironing in the air - she needs ironing services

Ironing Service Prices – Could you be Saving Money by Hiring a Professional?

Aug 15
  Looking to hire a professional ironing service? Here are 5 things to look out for when hiring someone to iron for you! Are you among the many Brits who just dread ironing? A recent survey by Philip PerfectCare showcased that ironing was among the top five most hated chores for people in the UK. On average, a person spends two hours every week ironing their clothes. That’s about twenty minutes every day. If a
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Ironing Services: You’ll Never Have to Do Your Least Favourite Chore Ever Again

Aug 01
 Dread ironing? With these tips, your clothes will always look like they have just been collected from our professional ironing services!  Ironing Services, taking care of that annoying chore There are very few people who actually enjoy doing house chores. That’s probably because chores can be boring, repetitive and seemingly never-ending. However, out of all of the tedious domestic tasks, ironing seems to be the most annoying. One survey found that ironing is among the