6 Useful Office Cleaning Tips

Many people spend a large part of their day in the office – to them, it is just like a second home.

Like a home, it is important to keep it clean at all times.

However, we can all feel a little guilty from time to time for having a messy office.

A clean office improves productivity, creativity and reduces employee sick days and many successful businesses have understood the importance of a clean office.

To allow you to maintain a neat and tidy workplace, the following tips will be useful.

There is always the option, to hire professional office cleaning companies – such as St Anne’s Cleaning – to save you time and increase your productivity.


Clean Up Before Leaving

Just think about it, if you clean up before leaving then when you come the next day in the morning, everything would already be clean. This means everything should be cleaned such as the used dishes and cups in the kitchen. It allows you to get back to work the next day straight away instead of feeling overwhelming due to the mess taking over the space.


Organise Papers

The best way to organise papers is by setting a rule such as maintaining an organised desk or filing system and no loose papers on the desk. Cut down on the use of printer to ensure that minimum papers are used and are not wasted.


Clean the Computer

Employees should look at their desktop screen and check if the background is clean. If it is not, then the computer needs to be cleaned up. Furthermore, the computes should not contain any unnecessary documents. Therefore, documents which are no longer needed must be deleted to avoid wasting time searching for files when needed.



One of the most common things is food being left in the office refrigerator and remaining there for weeks or months until an unpleasant comes from the fridge. In order to avoid such a situation, make sure that Friday afternoons or Saturday mornings are spent throwing out any expired or unnecessary food in the fridge. In addition to this, the cleaners hired can be told to clean the fridge every month with disinfectants.


There is a Place for Everything

Every single item in the office from the jacket to the umbrella and pen should have a designated place. This will help keep the office organised at all times. Furthermore, it will benefit employees as they will know exactly where to find a certain items. Any guests that visit the office will be impressed by the space as well. It shows the level of professionalism in an organisation.

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