Car Showroom & Dealership Cleaning
Services – London

At St Anne’s, we understand the importance of making the correct first impression.

We know that a pristine car showroom enhances the buying experience and has a positive influence on potential car sales and we work with car dealerships and showrooms to ensure that they maintain a clean and fresh appearance at all times.

Our experienced cleaning staff pay particular attention to forecourts, floors and fragrances; windows, lighting and metal work

St Anne’s also provide trained, professional car valets to wash, clean, detail, polish and dress all vehicles to complement your showroom.

Our Services Include:

  • Customer Support 7 Days
  • Dedicated Personal Account Manager
  • Specialist cleaning equipment

Why Choose St Annes?

  • Quality and reliability
  • Contract/Scheduled Cleaning
  • Fully flexible and tailored to your cleaning requirements
  • Professionally trained personnel
  • We are fully insured

Please contact us on 020 3397 7495 for more information, or to book a no obligation site visit.


Quality & Reliable Service

We’re Professionally Trained

7 Day Customer Support

Personal Account Manager

We’re Fully Insured