Cleaning your kitchen appliance

Aug 14
Need help with cleaning your kitchen appliances? these tips can help you from cleaning your kettle to your coffee machines. Kettle: If you use an electric kettle and have more harsh water than some, your kettle will need cleaning after a while. You might see white deposits or marks inside. Fill your kettle to the full line with vinegar. Boil, allow to cool. Boil again and pop in few tablespoons of salt. Swish it around, pour

Tips on how to clean your carpet

Jul 31
Tips on how to clean your carpet Do you need tips on how to get a clean carpet? these steps can help you keep up and make your carpet looking fresher. Vacuum your carpet regularly : At least once a week as dirt and dust can build up making it look dirty. Especially if you have pets or children then you may find that vacuuming is handy and is a quick way remove any hairs or dirt. 

Clean car Showroom

Jul 17
First impressions count and that's why with these tips we can help you clean your car showroom. We hope you can make customers walk away with keys in their hands to their new ride, rather than walk away empty handed. So here are the tips you need for a clean car showroom: Outdoors The outdoor space is the most important, as this is the first thing customers will see as this is where all the cars/

Remove red wine stains from clothes

Jul 03
Have you ever spilt wine and had trouble getting out the stain? then these tips can help you remove red wine stains. A Step-by-Step Guide to Red Wine Stain Removal If there's a small amount of red wine dab or blot the excess liquid with a clean cloth or piece of kitchen roll. Do not rub the stain as this will make it worse.  Apply some salt on the stain while it is still damp. Salt