Who Said You Can’t Have Carpets When Owning Pets

May 22
If you’re a pet owner of an adorable puppy or kitten, you will probably know the frustration of potty training! It’s not a pleasant smell when pet urine is soaked into the carpets, do you agree? Don’t worry; we have some steps on how to clean your carpets, giving your home a fresh smell again.   Here’s our guide:   Step One: Scape the Surface You’d be surprised to how quickly your pet's urine dries

How to Keep Your White Shirts, White

May 08
Are you fed up of having pristine white shirts, not so white? It’s not the best feeling when your favourite shirt has seen better days, but you can’t just help it, it must be worn! Don’t worry, we can help you hold onto your best shirt for longer.   Here’s our guide:   Tip One: How to Bleach Your White Shirts Before using bleach on any of your clothes, always check the label first. Not

How to Get Your Mirrors and Windows Sparkling Clean

Apr 24
We all know how frustrating it is when cleaning our mirrors and windows, right? No matter how hard you try and clean off those dirty hand marks, toothpaste splashes and just dirt overall, it just seems to smudge even more! Don’t worry, cleaning your mirrors and windows becomes easy after knowing a few tips and tricks!   Here’s our guide:   Step One: Cleaning Solution Don’t waste your money on expensive cleaning products when you

How Often Do You Wash Your Washing Machine?

Apr 05
Now that’s a hard question! Luckily for us, the days of pounding our laundry are over, but unfortunately, we still have to nurture the device that makes our clothes clean. If your washing machine smells worse than your sweaty gym top, now’s the time to clean it! Here’s our guide to a clean washing machine: Step One: Gather Your Resources Not only does our method make your washing machine sparkling clean, it’s also eco-friendly and