Stadiums, Arenas, Auditoriums, Cinemas & Theatre Cleaning Services throughout London

Cleaning large spaces has significantly different requirements than any other cleaning operation.

It requires specific planning, specialist equipment and expert management & coordination on site.

We know that after every match, concert, screening or performance there is going to be a significant amount of work needed in order to restore the space to the expected levels of cleanliness.

You will need a large team for the operation to be fast effective and efficient. You will also need experienced supervisors and managers who can coordinate this team. Although every occasion will create similar levels of debris and dirt there may also be incidents that have led to specific issues that require more attention and time.

Whether it is a dirty carpet or floor due to inclement weather or a toilet where there has been a leak. Our supervisors and managers are tasked to every cleaning team to ensure that these areas are identified and targeted so that the final result is always the same.

We always provide the same quality of quality of service everytime.

We aim to try and provide this service in less time and at less cost. As we get to know your venue and we will be continually looking for ways to make our team more effective or efficient.

Whether it’s more cordless commercial vacuums to help us speed our way through the aisles or a larger part of the team polishing all the glass!

We aim to reduce our cost to you whilst still delivering the same excellent service.

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