How Clean is Your Sofa?

We all look forward to getting home after a hard day’s work and collapsing on a large comfy sofa…

Reaching for the remote for some Netflix and Chill…


But would you feel as relaxed if we told how filthy that sofa that you’re relaxing on could be?

How that very sofa could be harbouring all manner of dirt and germs  – right where you’re sat?


St Anne’s Cleaning – again – gives you a handy guide to cleaning your sofa and keeping your favourite piece of furniture always smelling fresh!

clean sofa


Here’s are our easy steps to a clean sofa:

Step One: Vacuum



We all know a sofa can get pretty messy, especially after dinner.

Using either a hand vacuum or a brush attachment on your hoover, remove the dirt from the surfaces and between the creases.

If you’re one of the few people lucky enough to have the ability to detach your cushions, take advantage of it! Remove your cushions and hoover the built-up crumbs and dirt.

Also, if you have the option to take out the pillows from its case, check the washing instructions (found on the label) and throw them in the wash – inside-out.

If you have pets, you probably know how difficult pet hair can be? Even a pet-friendly hoover will struggle to tackle the pet hair effectively!

This is where a lint roller will come in handy!

Using your pet hair removal tool, clear the hair from the sofa.


Step Two: The Sofa Frame

soapy water

Now for the easy part!

Make a solution of warm soapy water and wipe clean all the non-fabric parts of your sofa.

Keep rinsing your sponge and changing your solution when dirty, to prevent the dirt from spreading and to also save yourself some time, giving you more time to relax on your clean sofa after the job is done!

Step Three: Remove the Stains


Now for the part, you’ve all been waiting for, causing pain to the stains! But before you get your hands dirty, it’s important you determine what material you are dealing with.

Every sofa has a label, giving you the correct washing instructions: WS, SW, X, O and W.

Here are the meanings of the codes found on your labels:

W: Only wash using a water-based detergent, with the help of a steam vacuum.

WS or SW: You can use either a water-based or a dry-cleaning detergent.

O: Due to the organic material, you can only wash your sofa using cold water.

X: Unfortunately, washing the sofa with water or detergents could damage the fabric. Use a light vacuum or hire a professional service.

Always carry out a spot test to an area on your sofa, which is out of sight before cleaning the entire surface of your sofa. Allow it to dry thoroughly, looking out for signs of water-marks, shrinkage, discolouration and fading.

So, you know what materials to use, but how do you clean it?

Fabric Sofa: After mixing up a cleaning solution, pour it into a spray bottle and spray around the areas. Scrub the surface with a soft cloth, using a damp cloth to clear the soap. Lastly, dry the area with a clean towel.

Leather Sofa: Spray the cleaning solution on the surface of the sofa and clean with a soft cloth.

Synthetic Sofa: Mist the area and scrub with a soft cloth. Keep doing this till the stain is gone. Soak up any excess water remaining on the sofa with a towel. Allow your sofa to dry naturally, it may help to place a fan near the sofa to speed up the drying process.


We agree that this sounds like a lot of hard work.  We also agree that you should sit back, relax and call the professionals

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