5 Tips That Will Make Cleaning Much Easier

It’s no secret at all that it takes hard work to clean your entire house properly.  At St Anne’s Cleaning, we figured  you can make it a lot easier for yourself with the following 5 ultimate tips to a easier cleaning routine!


#1: Don’t have too much stuff in your house

The more stuff you have in your house, the longer it will take you to clean and organise everything. So don’t make it yourself too hard and get rid of stuff you don’t use in your house.

And we are talking about ‘stuff’ – not the things you use or the things you find valuable.

At St Anne’s Cleaning we believe in living in a clutter-free environment.



#2: Keep everything organised

It’s simple: when you are organised, you reduce the need to clean as it will be unlikely that you will have a mess! We all appreciate organised chaos! Being organised means less time spent cleaning!




#3: Clean together!

Clean together!  Make it a group activity! Let everyone take a responsible role in keeping the house clean.  Doing things together can be more fun, easier and most importantly less work! Socialise whilst you sanitise!



#4: Use your time wisely

Living a busy life, it can be hard to find the right amount of time to clean your whole house. So split the workload up across the week: clean the kitchen today, the living room tomorrow and the bathroom during your weekend, for example. Spread the load of your abode!




#5: Don’t be too hard on yourself

Don’t be too hard on yourself by setting up unrealistic goals. It will only lead to disappointment when you don’t achieve it. Setting up less strict goals will help you feel less stressed and actually add to the enjoyment of cleaning.  Many people find cleaning extremely therapeutic!


At St. Anne’s, we believe you should try alternative forms of relaxation therapy and leave the cleaning to the best professional cleaners in London.

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