Here’s Why You Should Always Wear Gloves While Cleaning


Ok, so cleaning gloves and marigolds are not the most sexiest or the most fashionable things to wear. But you’ll definitely find them worth wearing after reading the St Anne’s Cleaning Guide to Wearing Gloves!


#1: Gloves can prevent you from getting sick

Think of all the bacteria you will get in contact with while you’re cleaning. Your bathroom, toilet and kitchen sink are full of Salmonella and E. Coli bacteria. Also, do you realise how dirty your dishcloth and sponges are? They are the dirtiest things in your house. Even if you are not wearing gloves and washing your hands after you have done the cleaning, it will not help to kill the bacteria. So do not put yourself at any risk! Wear cleaning gloves whilst cleaning!


#2: Gloves protect against chemical burns

Don’t ever expose your skin to any chemicals like vinegar, ammonia or bleach! These chemicals will cause your skin’s natural oil barriers to be removed and at its worst cause chemical burns. To prevent this from happening to you we recommend you to wear cleaning gloves when cleaning!


#3: Gloves will keep your skin from being exposed to hot water

Getting dry, rough and grimy hands from washing the dishes does not necessarily have to happen when you are wearing gloves.

What do you think that exact same hot water you use to melt all the dirt off your dishes does to your skin? Right, nothing good.

Dermatologists are warning people that hot water can cause those oils that keep your skin soft and supple to strip off.

Wearing dish gloves while washing your dishes in hot water will keep your hands protected. Also, you will be able to wash your dishes in much hotter water than your hands could ever handle when they are not wearing gloves, which will make the process go way faster!


Cleaning gloves are a great accessory to the kitchen but we recommend leaving cleaning to the professionals.

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