The Motivation to Clean

Let’s face it nobody likes cleaning but here are some tips to help you get some motivation to clean.

Plan a Special Dinner Party 

Inviting someone over can be a great motivator to get things clean -especially since it gives you a hard deadline. Also, when you start looking around through the eyes of guests you start to see the dirt more clearly.

Getting up Early

Waking up early can make a big difference and can give you more motivation. Even if you go out for a quick walk/ run or just by setting your alarm that extra bit earlier to eat your favourite cereal you may notice a difference to your day and have more motivation to clean.

Change is Always Good

Rearranging a room is a great way to create a fresh perspective and find a motivation to clean and to start organizing. Change window coverings, buy a new rug, move pictures around. At the same time, seeing the great looking results can result in cleanliness spilling over into other rooms of your home.

Try a New Cleaning Product or method

Instead of looking at a chore as work, bring a new product or gadget to the table. A new cleaning mop or cleaning product with a natural aroma makes thing fresh and fun.

Buy a new piece of furniture

Finding a special piece of furniture for the living room or even your bedroom is great motivation to clean the room before you bring it home.

Clear out clutter

Find a cupboard or room to clear out of clutter. Put items into storage, take them to a recycling depot or throw them out if there is no further use. The feeling of getting rid of unwanted items is invigorating. And you have a clean cupboard or room!

Even just throwing a few items away can make a huge difference and make your space seem a whole lot bigger.


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