How to Clean your Office Floor and Carpets

Dirty carpet?

Stained wood?

Dusty laminate?

You might not spend much time looking at the flooring at your business premises, but if it’s looking less-than-lovely, you can be sure that visitors to the building will spot scruffiness a mile off.

St Anne’s Cleaning recommends the following methods of cleaning your office carpets and flooring  keep reading for helpful, bite-size information on how to care for carpet, laminate and wooden floors…

How to Clean Office Carpets…

Carpets may be one of the most forgiving and low-maintenance flooring types, but footfall in the office soon leave the  looking tired, dirty and faded, especially in high traffic areas. For most workplaces, a weekly hoover should help keep debris and dirt from building up. To get the best result make sure any stains are treated as soon as they occur, too!

This regular maintenance should be supplemented with a monthly or quarterly deep cleaning. Carpet shampooing machines can be purchased, but most businesses choose to hire a professional carpet cleaner – such as St Anne’s Cleaning – to complete the task.

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How to Clean Office Laminate Flooring…

Laminate flooring is a very low maintenance option for workplaces. However, it can show signs of damage and use extremely quickly without regular care. A simple sweep is enough to keep the laminate floor free of dust and debris, but care must be taken when removing sharp or larger debris. These can scratch and damage laminate flooring, which may then require replacement.

An additional weekly mopping, which doesn’t use too much water, should be enough to keep floors looking their best for as long as possible.

How to Clean Office Wooden Floors…

Wooden floors are built to last for decades – and to look stylish while doing so. This means particular attention must be paid to their cleaning and care. Regular sweeping, which avoids scratching caused by large debris is enough for day-to-day cleaning. Weekly mopping, meanwhile, will help cut down on dust and remove any more stubborn mess which may have accumulated.

Over time, however, wooden floors will start to show signs of scratching and fading – particularly in high footfall areas. When this happens, it’s time to sand down the surface of the floor and re-varnish to restore its original beauty.


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