Things That You Need to Clean at Least Once a Week and How to Do It


House Cleaning is not considered by many to be the most exciting activity in the world!  A lot of people find it hard to figure out what to clean and how often. Do not fret for at St. Anne’s Cleaning, we  have made you a list of ‘Things That You Need to Clean at Least Once a Week ( and How to Clean Them)’.



#1: Your kitchen sink: Every day

Believe it or not, your kitchen sink has more bacteria than your toilet; which makes it probably one of the dirtiest spots in your house. That’s why it is important to clean your kitchen sink on a daily basis.

You could do this by using disinfectant wipes; they are a great tool to use to get the job done. If you are just using a sponge with no form of disinfectant, you are actually doing not much more than spreading the bacteria from place to place.




#2: Your kitchen counters: Every day

Your kitchen counters are constantly coming in to contact with bacteria and germs. Given that you are using your kitchen to prepare your food, it is extremely important that your kitchen counters are wiped down after any food touches them – every single day.

A great way to clean your kitchen counters is to use a disinfectant wipe or spray. Doing this after cooking is the most effective time to do it. You spray. You Wipe. Clean counter!




#3: Your refrigerator: Every week

As you know, refrigerators store a lot of uncooked foods, meats, vegetables and leftovers. To make sure bacteria are not spreading and to avoid cross-contamination, make sure you are storing any raw meats in sealed containers and always keep a sharp eye on the expiration date. It’s also a good idea to clean your fridge once a week.

Start with throwing away the spoiled foods that are stored into your fridge, before cleaning the shelves/drawers with disinfectant wipes. Doing this once a week should be enough to keep your refrigerator fresh and clean.




#4: Your floors: Every week

The dust you see around your house contains more germs than you would think. People who are suffering from asthma or bad allergies are more likely to be affected by this. This is one of the main reasons why it is very important to pay attention to the amount of dust you have in your house.

You can get rid of the dust just by sweeping/mopping your floors on a weekly basis. Also, make sure you vacuum your carpets, rugs and cushions at least once a week.




#5: Your bath towels: At least twice a week

Bacteria like warm temperatures and water – which are all the characteristics of a used towel. The number of bacteria will build up the longer you are waiting to wash it.

You should dry your towel until it’s 100% dry after every use. Wash your towel after every 2 uses in hot water.

It removes any dead skin cells and dirt that come off on your towel when you are drying yourself.




#6: Your hand towels: Every couple of days

Hand towels are being used a lot, especially in big households. Bath towels are personal; because you’re the only one that uses them. Hand towels are actually being used by almost everyone who uses the toilet, so you get an idea of  how many people are getting in contact with that hand towel in your restroom.

You can clean your hand towels together with your other bath towels; wash them in hot water.




#7: Your restroom: At least once a week

It’s commonly known that you should clean your toilet regularly. And it’s also no secret that the toilet is one of the dirtiest places at home.

Start to clean the seat and the bowl with some disinfectant cleaning products for at least once per week. We also advise you to use bleach tablets; it will help you keep your toilet clean.




#8: Bathroom rugs: once a week

Our hands are not touching them very often, but our feet do! Our feet can strip up bacteria and spread them around the entire house – we believe that this is not something that you are keen on.

If your bathroom rug is washable, you should wash it in the hottest water on a weekly basis. If that’s not the case, we suggest you to buy aerosol disinfectant sprays that you can use in your bathroom.




#9: Sheets: once a week

You spend half of your life sleeping. Think of all the sweat, dead skin cells and oils your body leaves on your sheets. That’s a lot. That’s why it’s important to change and wash your sheets on a weekly basis.

It’s the best way to clean your dirty sheets in hot water, using the right amount of detergent.



House cleaning tips and hacks are great – but it’s still YOU that has to complete them.

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